Sunday, September 19, 2010

non-crafting post

well now that's not entirely true. i am crafting , or at least trying to. i'm working on a skully garland, inspired by this one, for good ol' hallow's eve. i'm still trying to complete some wee dolls for the wee ones. i need to start on the monkey patterns  for Christmas presents. i also have an idea for Christmas tree decorations this year that will require me to do some counted cross stitch.  i figure i end up with about an hour a day to do all of these things. (sigh)

so i have a question for all of you crafty type peoples out there in blogland. how do you do it? how do you raise your children, (i home school, or at least try to), work, run all the errands, manage the home and still craft? i get help from my dear mum, and even with that i just can't seem to be able to get more time to craft. when the wee ones are up and going, i find i spend my time doing the whole go-for thing.  mama, i want something to drink, mama i want something to eat, mama i want to go outside, mama i want to watch a movie, mama i want to sit on your lap. and if it's not the mama-i-wants, it's finding out what the most devious child in our home is doing. that would be our youngest. he is emerging to be "the most impish creature in the known universe", a title he is beginning to wear too proudly. he will quietly go into the kitchen to snag cookies, hamburger patties, crackers, suckers, stickers, heck even fingernail polish, and then just as quietly and quickly run up the stairs to partake in his ill gotten booty. often times i am completely unawares of his nefarious deeds, until oft it's too late, i.e. the finger nail polish ends up on the ends of his fingers. this afternoon while they were supposed to be down for their naps, and i was actually able3 to work on some embroidery. i discovered that the imp had gotten a hold of the hairspray. i discovered this fact when i went to comb his hair after telling him to come down since i was aware that they hadn't taken naps. i found his hair difficult to comb through, which it normally is not. I suddenly suspected some liberal usage of hair spray had taken place. i went to the upstairs bathroom, and upon stepping on the bathroom floor immediately understood how a fly felt when it had flew into fly paper. seriously sticky. the bathroom rug was sticking to the bottom of my feet when i would lift them up. hmmmmm not good. the linoleum was actually still wet from his fervent use of the the hairspray. and i noticed that the middle wee one's face was exceptionally shiny. and yes his facial features would not blow away in a strong wind. (sigh) so an impromptu scrubbing of the bathroom and quick baths were the order for the afternoon. and no more embroidering.
now i need to quickly rap up this post because the imp is having a fit for some unknown reason about his brother getting a different coloring tablet. yes it is the end of the world and i feel fine. (sorry just a bit of nostalgic R.E.M. song referencing there)