Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

having some fun

as you might know i subscribe/joined/participate/signed up for/...oh whatever you call it, to twitter. yes i tweet. not that anyone reads them. not that i say anything worth reading. but i do. one of the people that i follow on twitter is the actor Stephen Frye. oh don't get all impressed or anything. it's not like he follows me or even knows i exist. but every once in awhile he or some of the other people that i follow will "tweet" something interesting.

today he linked to this animation by Alan Becker. the whole family thought it very funny and clever. it got me  and our oldest to thinking (and we all know how dangerous that can be) about how he would have created this. so off i went to explore. i found some basic instructions and the oldest and i set down to create our own mini animated videos. so without any further to do (or any popcorn) i bring you our first animated videos. (the oldest's should probably be rated r since there is violence and blood)

first mine:

now the oldest's

if you want to try your own animation this is the video that helped the oldest and i. it's short but gives you the general idea. if you do make an animated video we would love to see it. post a note here directing us where to see it 


Friday, July 23, 2010


hello my lovelies!

hopefully everyone is enjoying their day, or evening which ever might be the time of day for you.

i was poking around the internet and stumbled across this, muju. this is a close up of the center. isn't that amazing felt work. doesn't it just inspire you to get your felt out and start cutting. making intricate designs of layered colors? well???? or is it just me (blush).

i also found it rather ironic that the artist are currently residing in Cornwall. since our family has been deeply engrossed in watching the series Doc Martin on netflix. if you haven't ever watched this series i will warn you now and tell you it's highly addictive. after i got home from work one morning this week my husband told me that it was all my fault for showing him this show. he had ended up staying up all night watching several episodes.

and because of how the town looks in the show, my husband is walking around telling our oldest son that he wants to move to Cornwall, England (grin). he has also suggested that we move to Canada, become Canadian citizens so that we can go to England without passports.  of course i'm not sure how we are supposed to move to Cornwall, let alone to Canada and then England when we don't even have the funds to move to the western side of this bleedin' state. (sorry for the cursing).

but i digress (as usual). i just thought the muju creations were fun and original. so poke around the site and see if you don't get inspired. i'm off to try and do some embroidery work.

my husband went back to a garage sale to try and pick up an ostrich egg that we saw earlier. the eggs were all gone but he brought home a surprise for me instead. a digital camera. it's low mega pixels, like 1.3, but it might work better than the camera shy cell phone. i will just need to make sure the two of them don't meet and have a chat over a cuppa. wish me luck and now i'm off to play with my new camera.....(grin)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

short but meaningful

i was reading twitter this morning. one of the people i follow is a dynamo lady, Melissa Lewis. She has an etsy shop, Haut Totes, in which she sells some absolutely amazing bags with great graphics. on one her tweets she posted a link to this blog post, Finding Your Voice - Jessica. all i can suggest is...read it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

these boots are made....well you know the rest so i won't bore you with finishing it

i'm so glad some of you decided to drop by. (hi amybel, clare and jody waves)

have you ever found yourself on a hunt for something? no, not like a tiger, lion or bears (oh my!). i have been on the hunt, the search for a pair of boots. now this might seem like a simple thing. boots are boots right? i say to you no! i want to find a pair of boots, first that i can afford. so they must be of the frugal variety. i want leather. can you begin to see how difficult this might be paired with the frugal aspect. i want a tall pair. again the difficulty level increases. they need to be of the whopping size of 10. not necessarily because my feet are so huge, but because my feet are a tiny bit wide and i want them to be comfortable and i won't be able to try them on. so i figure size 10 should do it.  i need them to have a low heel. high heels and i do not get along well. they are constantly trying to prove to me that gravity works. and i think i would like them to be brown. compound  all of those requirements with the fact that i usually only have a small window of buying opportunity each month.

i had, for a while, thought i would like to be partnered with a pair of campus boots, something like these maybe. But the price is prohibitive. it does not fit into the frugal category. mind you it's a good price for these lovelies but i just can't bring myself to spend that much, nor would our finances allow me to. i am currently entertaining the idea of these boots. But to be honest they are still on the high side. i just can't bring myself to spend that much on myself especially for foot apparel. because for as much as i would love to have a pair of stylish charming boots don my tootsies i really don't like wearing shoes. silly little dichotomy, isn't it? 

believe me i have tried to ban the feelings of desire for a pair of tall leather boots at a frugal price, but to no avail.  they haunt me at night when i lay there beginning to drift off to sleep. they call to me when i pick up my good and trusty wee lap top. search for me they call like a sirens song. and so i search hoping to find the pair that i know is out there somewhere just waiting to walk with me on one of my sale-ing adventures, or thrifting journeys. 

so in closing if for some reason you happen upon a  pair of size 10 tall leather boots at a frugal price waiting to be given a  good and loving home, please feel free to point them in my direction.

Friday, July 16, 2010

hello and welcome!

yes i know, i know, i can already hear you asking "don't you already have a blog?" why yes i do. The Tink-n-Frog. i started that blog because i was mostly focused on knitting. tink (which is knit backwards and it also means to gently un-knit something) and frog (which means to just wildly pull the loose yarn and let the knitted stitches jump apart like frogs), was the reason I chose that as a title for the blog and the etsy store, which is now laying dormant.

anywho i digress.... i decided that i would like to start another blog that showed off more of the all encompassing crafting and thrifting that i do. as i have stated in The Tink-n-Frog blog that our youngest son kindly dropped my newish digital camera, twice. funny thing, digital cameras don't like to be dropped twice. i dare say the like being dropped once, but the poor digi camera had it on the second drop and decided to pack it's virtual bags and take of to climes less likely to involve being dropped by 2 year old little busy bodies. or at least i would like to think so. having said that, i am currently without a digital camera and am relying on my cell phone camera to take pix. now i am by no means a camera guru, or even a camera novice for that fact. but for some reason my cell phone camera skills are even less than my digi camera skills. my husband on the other hand seems to be able to get good photos by using his cell phone. personally i am beginning to believe that when my miffed and disgruntled twice dropped digi camera decided to hoof it, it chose to warn the camera on my cell phone. so i think that the phone cam is justly a little camera shy (muwahahahaha, yup i totally meant that as a pun).

moving right along.....so here we are sitting at my new blog...would you like a cuppa? i found some really lovely tea recently and would love to pour you a cuppa.

it's Primula Flowering Tea, white tea with peach. first it actually flowers after it steeps in the teapot. second, it's got such a light and delicate flavor. i placed the flower in the glass cup so you can see what it looks like after it "blooms".

I think i will start off showing you some of the lovelies i have found while sale-ing this season. if you were not aware i love to garage sale and thrift. it's always like a wonderful treasure hunt. sometimes we come home with some amazing finds and other times....yeah not so much. but come every Friday, after i zoom through my wee exciting job of cleaning the local post office, i run home to see which one of my companions will be joining me that morning. once that is decided we head out for the adventure. i usually restrict my sale-ing to just our town, which is 6.4 square miles (by technical definition a township). our town is very garage sale friendly. there are certain telephone poles that everyone uses to post their signs. it makes it awfully easy to see who is
having what where. our local paper prints a convenient list of sales going on for the weekend that is available on Wednesday.

first, allow me to share with you this wonderful picture i found.

she was marked a whole $.25. yup that's right 25 cents. at first when i saw her i thought 25 cents for a frame in good condition and that size was a great deal. but then i got to looking at her and decided that we could become great chums. i love the wee lasses sweet expression. i'm not sure if you can tell but the flowers and her basket have been embroidered, as well as parts of her dress and hat. the rest of the picture is printed on the fabric. she is currently keeping company with this shelf and a few other goodies in my foyer/kitchen/dining/entrance area of our palatial hovel.

when we found this little shelf it was just your plain ol' boring wood. so i painted it in a casual white (not me being charming the actually color name of the paint) and trimmed it in vintagey aqua (me being charming and picking the name of the color (grin)) that i mixed.

this little pix will hopefully give you a better idea of the vintagey aqua color

as you can see from the scary photo quality how shy my cell phone camera is acting. hopefully my husband can help coax it to be more cooperative with me soon.

well i guess that's a good start to this new wee blog.
thanks for stopping by and come back soon.