Wednesday, August 25, 2010

let the bells ring out across the land

let the celebrations begin
raise a toast to....
ma boots!
yes it's true i finally found a fantastic pair of boots! at least they are for me. here they look quite chocolate colored, but they are are more ox blood. 

i'm wearing a dress made from some of the 33 odd yards of fabric
i found them on ebay, last week, in an auction. they are mens but i don't have any problem with that. they started off at .99 cents. i watched them until the last 4 minutes and then placed my bid. and i won! woo hoo. with shipping the grand total was $21.05. shipping was the bulk of the price, $15.00, which means the boots themselves were only $6.05 (grin). i am thrilled i finally found a pair of boots that are leather, can be worn with either blacks or browns, are in great shape, fit my big ol' flapper feet, and were a great price.



  1. THOSE ARE AWESOME!!! Yes, I was yelling :) The dress looks cute too, a good combination.

  2. why thank you dear! i thought i heard a distant yell there.

  3. They are gorgeous boots love them you shopped well;)Hugs Darcy


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