Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ebay selling

being the thrifty vintage kind of gal i am, i buy from ebay quite often. it's actually my go to spot when i think about buying something. years ago i did sell something on ebay and ending up dealing with a not so nice buyer. it sort of put me off of the idea of selling anything. i did have an etsy shop for awhile and it was actually a lovely positive experience. but at the time the boys were smaller and needed more of my attention.  i couldn't devote as much time to driving the etsy business as i would have liked. so it just sits there all forlorn.
lately my dear husband, dh, has decided to work on some vintage singer sewing machines. he would like to fix them up and then sell them. he has been concentrating on 99k's and Spartans. but to start on such a venture takes some capitol. this then lead me to poking around to see what lovely treasures i had that i didn't mind parting with or things i thought would actually sell. i found some of my shoes that have sat in the closet for far too long, not getting any wear. and i took the leap and listed them on ebay. right now i simply have two pairs listed.

the first pair i listed were my minnetonka boots. i love them but they are just way too big for me, size 11. i think  i wore them a whole two times. i bought them to go to a renaissance fair. the fair was great, the outfit was terrific, but the boots were just too big. so they just sat being unused. i have felt bad about his for quite a few years now and decided that hopefully someone could get some use out of them.

these sexy beasts are the other pair i listed. they are such a cute shoe. but there again just waaaaayyyyyy toooo big for me. they are made by paul green. on the shoe they are labeled as an 8.5 but they are actually a size 11. don't ask me what happen with me ending up with two pairs of shoes size 11, when i only wear a size 9.5 to 10 at the biggest. these shoes are so fun and flirty but i never wore them because of the size issue.  there again i;m hoping someone will want them so i can get them out of my closet and maybe even add a bit of coin to our purse.

if you get the chance click on the links and give them a perusal and hey maybe even bid on them. although if you just can't wait to purchase the boots i did a buy it now option on the auction. so feel free to give them a new home.


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  1. I like the boots a lot, but the biggest size i wear is a 6 1/2 maybe a 7 if i want my flip flops kind of big. If they were smaller I would most definitely get the boots. Hope you have a good experience and some one nice buys them!


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