Monday, July 26, 2010

having some fun

as you might know i subscribe/joined/participate/signed up for/...oh whatever you call it, to twitter. yes i tweet. not that anyone reads them. not that i say anything worth reading. but i do. one of the people that i follow on twitter is the actor Stephen Frye. oh don't get all impressed or anything. it's not like he follows me or even knows i exist. but every once in awhile he or some of the other people that i follow will "tweet" something interesting.

today he linked to this animation by Alan Becker. the whole family thought it very funny and clever. it got me  and our oldest to thinking (and we all know how dangerous that can be) about how he would have created this. so off i went to explore. i found some basic instructions and the oldest and i set down to create our own mini animated videos. so without any further to do (or any popcorn) i bring you our first animated videos. (the oldest's should probably be rated r since there is violence and blood)

first mine:

now the oldest's

if you want to try your own animation this is the video that helped the oldest and i. it's short but gives you the general idea. if you do make an animated video we would love to see it. post a note here directing us where to see it 


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