Saturday, July 17, 2010

these boots are made....well you know the rest so i won't bore you with finishing it

i'm so glad some of you decided to drop by. (hi amybel, clare and jody waves)

have you ever found yourself on a hunt for something? no, not like a tiger, lion or bears (oh my!). i have been on the hunt, the search for a pair of boots. now this might seem like a simple thing. boots are boots right? i say to you no! i want to find a pair of boots, first that i can afford. so they must be of the frugal variety. i want leather. can you begin to see how difficult this might be paired with the frugal aspect. i want a tall pair. again the difficulty level increases. they need to be of the whopping size of 10. not necessarily because my feet are so huge, but because my feet are a tiny bit wide and i want them to be comfortable and i won't be able to try them on. so i figure size 10 should do it.  i need them to have a low heel. high heels and i do not get along well. they are constantly trying to prove to me that gravity works. and i think i would like them to be brown. compound  all of those requirements with the fact that i usually only have a small window of buying opportunity each month.

i had, for a while, thought i would like to be partnered with a pair of campus boots, something like these maybe. But the price is prohibitive. it does not fit into the frugal category. mind you it's a good price for these lovelies but i just can't bring myself to spend that much, nor would our finances allow me to. i am currently entertaining the idea of these boots. But to be honest they are still on the high side. i just can't bring myself to spend that much on myself especially for foot apparel. because for as much as i would love to have a pair of stylish charming boots don my tootsies i really don't like wearing shoes. silly little dichotomy, isn't it? 

believe me i have tried to ban the feelings of desire for a pair of tall leather boots at a frugal price, but to no avail.  they haunt me at night when i lay there beginning to drift off to sleep. they call to me when i pick up my good and trusty wee lap top. search for me they call like a sirens song. and so i search hoping to find the pair that i know is out there somewhere just waiting to walk with me on one of my sale-ing adventures, or thrifting journeys. 

so in closing if for some reason you happen upon a  pair of size 10 tall leather boots at a frugal price waiting to be given a  good and loving home, please feel free to point them in my direction.


  1. Those boots are cool, I see where you are going with this. But those prices? Yeah, you're probably going to have to keep looking :(. I will too.

  2. yeah ya see what a i mean about the prices. ouch! and thanks for helping me in the hunt.


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