Friday, July 23, 2010


hello my lovelies!

hopefully everyone is enjoying their day, or evening which ever might be the time of day for you.

i was poking around the internet and stumbled across this, muju. this is a close up of the center. isn't that amazing felt work. doesn't it just inspire you to get your felt out and start cutting. making intricate designs of layered colors? well???? or is it just me (blush).

i also found it rather ironic that the artist are currently residing in Cornwall. since our family has been deeply engrossed in watching the series Doc Martin on netflix. if you haven't ever watched this series i will warn you now and tell you it's highly addictive. after i got home from work one morning this week my husband told me that it was all my fault for showing him this show. he had ended up staying up all night watching several episodes.

and because of how the town looks in the show, my husband is walking around telling our oldest son that he wants to move to Cornwall, England (grin). he has also suggested that we move to Canada, become Canadian citizens so that we can go to England without passports.  of course i'm not sure how we are supposed to move to Cornwall, let alone to Canada and then England when we don't even have the funds to move to the western side of this bleedin' state. (sorry for the cursing).

but i digress (as usual). i just thought the muju creations were fun and original. so poke around the site and see if you don't get inspired. i'm off to try and do some embroidery work.

my husband went back to a garage sale to try and pick up an ostrich egg that we saw earlier. the eggs were all gone but he brought home a surprise for me instead. a digital camera. it's low mega pixels, like 1.3, but it might work better than the camera shy cell phone. i will just need to make sure the two of them don't meet and have a chat over a cuppa. wish me luck and now i'm off to play with my new camera.....(grin)

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  1. Nice find! I always liek seeing your finds and projects so I'm looking forward to it!


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